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We are a Boulder, Colorado based full service electronic security company. Our company has been protecting Denver and Boulder area residents since 1993. Dan Swathwood, the owner of Protech, is a 26 year veteran police officer and has the experience to cover all your bases. From understanding the areas of potential intrusion, to the vulerabilities of your house, Dan provides the best custom plan for your situation. In addition, Protech offers state-of-the-art security systems that provide protection, lifestyle conveniences and peace of mind.


Security Starts At The Curb


Request Survey HereFrom Dan's many years on the force, he has a deep understanding of what he calls "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design". In simple terms, this entails making small adjustments to your home or business which go a long way towards deterring criminals. Our goal is to have the alarm system be the last line of defense so that it is only needed in a worst case scenario situation.


Benefits of Local Central Station and Dispatch Center


There is nothing better than a good neighbor. Having someone close when you are away or need help brings great peace of mind. Our local central station and dispatch center understands our community, and are familiar with specific local emergency services such as ambulances, fire departments, police and rescue crews. Being local we also have firsthand knowledge of any events and issues that may trip or activate your alarm. In addition, we are on additional alert during inclement weather, blackouts or any event that may potentially be a danger. Our backup central stations are also regionally located in cases of major power outages or other catastrophes.


We Even Protect You from the Elements


Our sophisticated alarm systems constantly monitor your home or business’s environment. The sensors and alarms measure temperature, water and carbon monoxide levels and immediately send notifications to Protech’s central station if any readings are outside of normal ranges. Whether you are out of town or closed for the night we can help protect you from the damages of frozen pipes, gas leaks or other natural occurrences. Also, see a quick video about our Home Automation solutions here.


Fantastic Protection at Home and Beyond


Our centralized dispatch centers give you excellent and personalized service in your community and beyond. We proudly serve home and business owners in the Front Range, plains and mountains of Colorado. We even help protect our client’s vacation homes and businesses in others states such as Phoenix and Michigan, or wherever safety and protection are needed.


We Stand With You


We're active participants within our community and active members of industry associations promoting quality standards, ethics and best practices. We look forward to and appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

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