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Welcome to Denver’s Finest Home Security Company


Protech Security Systems provides electronic solutions designed by certified, retired, law enforcement professionals. Our residential products provide protection and peace of mind throughout the greater Denver Metro area.


World Class Safety and Monitoring for Your Family


We’ve been designing, installing, monitoring and maintaining the finest products available in the Denver, Boulder and Longmont areas since 1993. Our systems are constructed by certified law enforcement professionals (retired) and all are done with the utmost in care and professionalism, utilizing state-of-the-art components and technology. Also learn about our Home Automation solutions here.


People who are serious about their family’s safety choose Protech Security Systems.

We’d be happy to give you a no-cost home security survey. If you’d like to learn more, click here to contact us.


"But I have insurance. I don’t need a security system.”


Insurance is good, but good security protects your valuables which can’t be replaced. As police officers we witnessed the heartbreak caused by theft, vandalism and fire. A good insurance policy will provide you the means to replace everyday objects like televisions, furniture and clothing, but it can never replace the sentimental objects we all hold so dear. Antiques, photos, gifts from loved ones and items passed down from generation to generation will always be worth more than their cash value.


If you can afford insurance, then you should really have an alarm system. We specialize in Customizable Alarm systems programmed specifically for your needs and home. We use state of the art motion detectors, entry sensors, cameras, sound monitors and other techniques to ensure your family and home are protected.


Safe Pets and No False Alarms


Your pets are part of your family and we help keep them safe while you’re away at work or on trips. Our system monitors your home and notifies us immediately if there are any problems, such as loss of heat, fire, carbon monoxide or intrusions. In addition, we will take the extra steps and time to design and install a system that is not accidentally triggered by your pets and produce false alarms. Some of the largest security companies make money on every false alarm on a system they install. Our “Pet Immune” systems are set to provide the highest security while giving your four-legged family members the ability to roam freely.


Have a system already?


We can check your system to make sure it is up to date and meeting today’s technological standards. Some systems can be out of date and require enhancements or new positioning. We offer a Free professional On-site Survey where we check and verify your system’s overall security capabilities. We are certified to work on nearly all systems and will help keep yours in prime and ready condition. Often times we advise you to keep your existing equipment and allow us to provide you our local and superior monitoring service at a better price.


Great Service Ensures Your Safety and Peace of Mind!


We custom design the perfect solution for your family. We start with a comprehensive home evaluation which considers indoors, outdoors plus other potential risks and lifestyle factors. In fact, there are over 30 distinct considerations within our home survey.

We continue our commitment to your family with the finest home security system products, all backed by Denver’s best warranty and emergency service protection. Some of the things we can help you with include:


  • Break in protection/burglar alarm systems
  • Fire detection/fire alarms
  • Central Station alarm monitoring (we can monitor any system, regardless of installer or manufacturer)
  • Child watch systems
  • Outdoor video systems
  • Outdoor alarms
  • Remote system management
  • 24 hour service (we service most systems, regardless of installer or manufacturer)
  • Medical alert systems
  • Indoor “smart home” wiring


We also protect leading Denver-Boulder-Longmont area businesses. See more about our business solutions here.


If you think we may be right for you, contact us here or call 303-444-8626 to speak with one of our professionals.


We are Here for You!


Protech Security Systems offers the premium in certified home security system monitoring to the greater Denver area. Our fully trained, certified, and tested technicians are skilled at keeping your system in prime condition. We can work on most any system.


Protech Security Systems would like the opportunity to show you Denver, Boulder and Longmont’s finest home security systems. Please learn more by calling us at 303-444-8626, or contact us here.

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