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“We have been secured by Protech Security since 1999. Dan has been honest and dependable since day one. He counseled us on the correct system for our home without unnecessary bells and whistles. He never once tried to up sell us. I have recommended him time and time again. I have never felt we were a name and code with a sign in our yard. Personal, direct, sincere, secure, responsive and experienced, all you need to Protech your family.”

Pamela Outlaw, Boulder

“When I owned a jewelry store… my two main problems with the various security providers we tried were (1) excessive false alarms resulting in annoyance to law enforcement and me, and (2) indifference to our problems on the part of the provider. I find that the opposite of these problems is, indeed, the two areas in which Protech excels. It is a pleasure to give them my highest recommendation.”

Gordon L. Pahl, Photographer

“I have been a customer of Protech Security for over 3 years. I have and will continue to recommend Protech to all of my friends and family.”

Michael Hattel, P.G., R.E.A

Apex Consulting Services, Inc.

“It is without hesitation that I recommend to you Dan Swathwood of Protech Security. I have been a customer of Dan’s since 1999, and have been very satisfied by the quality and reliability of the Protech home security system. Dan truly cares about his customers and insuring that they and their families have peace of mind about their safety and the security of their home.”

Joann Rose

“For over 12 years I have been a customer of Protech Security. I have a medical alert system for my mother, a home security system and another at my photography studio. I have been entirely satisfied with Protech Security.”

Gordon L. Pahl, Photographer

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